our farm fresh vegetables...

As with our berries, we grow our vegetables using sustainable practices in our high tunnel greenhouse. We have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squashes, radishes, eggplant, lettuces, cabbages and sometimes a few others. We send out weekly updates in our newsletter so you will know what will be at the farm and markets for you. Subscribe on our home page!

Our fans enjoy our jams and jellies year-round, but especially on a winter's morn on buttered toast! Our kiddo fans love it on their PB&Js in lunch boxes too.

...our chickens keep a steady flow of the best farm-fresh eggs for our customers.

check out all our tasty treats!

our yummy berry goodies...

What could be better than our DELISHous! berries? Why berrylicious treats made with them, that's what! Sometimes the frozen berries we stored away to enjoy between seasons may run out, but you can still savor the freshness of our blueberries by stocking up on these pantry treats!

...and did you know, we offer the full selection of Carolina Gold Sunflower Oils!
Cold Pressed ~ Garlic Infused ~ Italian Infused

Mediterranean infused ~  Cajun infused ​

our sweet honey...

You might just develop an affection for our farm honey... the bees love buzzing around Creekside Farm, gathering nectar from our berry bushes! Honey supplies vary throughout the year, but we love offering it to you when it's available!

...we now offer a variety of Bertie County Peanuts including

​(10 oz.): Blister Fried, Smoky San Souci, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Batchelor Bay, All Natural Peanut Butter, Butterscotch and

2# Roasted Salted in the Shell!

Want to give your fresh salads and fruit a fun burst of flavor? Just drizzle with our blueberry vinaigrette...

​it's also pretty tasty over roasted vegetables!
Whisk a little into that last bit of mustard in the jar

for sandwich spread deliciousness too. 

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our farm fresh berries...

We grow several varieties of blueberries and blackberries at Creekside Farm. Of course, our seasonal availability is dependent on Mother Nature, so we never know exact dates, so be sure to join our newsletter mailing list and facebook page for the latest updates of when our farm picking starts and ends!